AaLia's journey commenced in Montreal. It has been one of both awesome courage and of tenacity. A journey in which music has been a sustaining, encouraging, healing, and spiritually transforming force to voice passionate convictions.

Born into a family of musicians, singers, songwriters, composers, actors and comedians, AaLia has been influenced by gifted musicians in her family ever since she can remember. Her father, singer, composer and entertainer, Norman Brooks, who was her greatest influence, introduced her to music as far back as her infant years. She recalls that the happiest times of her childhood were when he came home from touring and would gather the family around the piano. He taught her, and her sisters, the fundamental structures of melody and how to harmonize using his original songs. He also taught them to sing and write original music with great depth, passion and conviction. During the times her father returned to touring, she would get together with her sister, Geri-Lee Darby and other friends to write and harmonize their own original material.

These intensely happy musical interludes sustained her youngest years through the difficult times she spent confined to a hospital bed. On one such occasion, AaLia, feeling very despondent, prayed for a guitar to help her through the boredom of confinement. The next morning, she woke up only to find a guitar lying beside her. For ten-year old AaLia, this was the "magical" moment that gave her the incentive and inspiration to begin writing and playing music on her own. Born with 28 broken bones from the womb, AaLia understands what it is to be broken. As she has spent the duration of her life building herself up with every set back she has had to endure. “Intense physical and emotional pain motivated her to inspire inner strength and incentive in others.” By learning how to cope with traumatic issues at such a young age, she developed an innate sense of tenacity and determination to conquer and overcome any obstacle that ever gets in her way.

Her soulful and haunting renditions of the works of contemporary diva’s and underground artists have shown her lyrical ability as a true song stylist. Her own compositions exude such warmth, depth and familiarity that one can easily hear they come straight from the heart. AaLia continues to gig live and make appearances with friends at music venues.