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AaLia's journey commenced in Montreal. It has been one of both awesome courage and of tenacity. A journey in which music has been a sustaining, encouraging, healing, and spiritually transforming force to voice passionate convictions. AaLia was born with "Osteogenesis imperfecta" (brittle-bone), which is a genetic disorder characterized by bones that break easily, often from little or no apparent cause. There are at least four recognized forms of the disorder, representing extreme variation in severity from one individual to another. Born into a family of musicians, singers, songwriters, composers, actors and comedians, AaLia has been influenced by gifted musicians in her family ever since she can remember. Her father, singer, composer and entertainer, Norman Brooks, who was her greatest influence, introduced her to music as far back as her infant years. She recalls that the happiest times of her childhood were when he came home from touring and would gather the family around the piano. He taught her, and her sisters, the fundamental structures of melody and how to harmonize using his original songs. He also taught them to sing and write original music with great depth, passion and conviction. During the times her father returned to touring, she would get together with her sister, Geri-Lee Darby and other friends to write and harmonize their own original material.


I would like to pay Tribute and Introduce to you My Father, Norman Brooks.

Born in Montreal, Quebec, passed away on September 14th, 2006. Among the varied nostalgic song choices he covered, he also interpreted what he sang in his own unique style. He had written hundreds of original compositions, many that were moving ballads. Included, in his life long dedication to composing beautiful music, were dozens of Hymns written in Sanskrit. His voice had the heartfelt conviction to touch people's souls profoundly, often bringing his devoted fans to tears. The tender, raw emotion he was able to evoke from within people's hearts was a rare gift.

He was a natural born entertainer who loved to inspire his following. Not only was he a notorious songwriter, but the dynamic and soulful timbre of his voice was an added dimension to the quality of his inherent vocal prowess, thus granting him the uncanny ability to impersonate the late, great, Al Jolson. Norman Brooks was a true artist in every sense of the word. I hope to be recording a few of his original pieces in one of my CD Projects. He always was and will remain the sole inspirator of my life and musical aspirations. I love you Daddy and will forever love and miss your influence and the tremendous impact you had and still have on my life. I'll see you in Heaven. Until then, I'm yours now and forever more.

Your Beloved Daughter ....AaLia